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Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics

Past Math Colloquia

Name Presentation Date
Prof. Doron Lubinsky

From Orthogonal Polynomials to Random Matrices

November 2013
Dr. Dorin Andrica

An Open Problem in Number Theory

October 2013
Dr. Iman C. Chahine

Teaching Ethnomathematics and
Indigenous Mathematical Knowledge Systems through Cultural Immersion

October 2013

Dr. Christopher Heil

Music, Time-Frequency Shifts, and Linear Independence (talk)

March 2013

Dr. Hung Phan

The Method of Alternating Projections and Applications

March 2013

Dr. Khairul Islam

target="_blank"On Tests of Hypotheses Following Transformations: An Application to Two-sample t -test

March 2013

Dr. Guihong Fan

Oscillation and Driving Mechanism in Vector-born Disease models with time delay

March 2013

Dr. Lauretta Garett

Transferiing Genuiane Understanding of Functional Relashionships to Algebraic Representations

Feb 2013

Senfeng Liang

The Role of Family Involvement in Mathematics Teaching and Learning

Feb 2013

Dr. Wenxian Shen

Spectral Theory of Nonlocal Dispersal Operators and Applications

Feb 2013

Dr. Houbin Fang

Mathematics Word-Problem Solving and beyod

Feb 2013

Dr Curt Lindner

The Euler office problem

Jan 2013

Dr Vu Kim Tuan

Sampling in Paley-Wiener and Hardy Spaces

Nov 2012

Dr. Henry Zot

Second Chances and the steady-state

Oct 2012
Dr. Vitaly I. Voloshin Coloring Mixed Hypergraphs: from Combinatorics to Philosophy Oct 2012
Dr. Edward Azoff Transforms in Mathematics and Engineering Mar 2012
Dr. Minh Van Nguyen Almost Periodic Solutions of Differential Equations Jan 2012
Dr. Inessa Levi Using Web-Assign and Excel in teaching Mathematics Modeling Math 1101 Oct 2011
Andrei Markov Regular polytopes in Z^n Sept 2011
Dr. Inessa Levi Minimal Generating Sets for Semigroups and Labeled Hamiltonian Cycles Sept 2011
Dr. Angel Gil Scaling functions and approximate continuity May 2011
Dr. Steven Blumsack Optimization Problems in Geometry and Data Fitting April 2011
Dr. Richard Stephens A strictly increasing function with a critical but non-inflection point Feb 2011
Dr. Kazem Mahdavi Automatic Group Theory Jan 2011
Dr. Shahrdad Sajjadi Formation of standing waves in the Ocean during the Hurricanes Jan 2011
Dr. Eugen J. Ionascu Moments and the range of the derivative Nov 2010