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Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics

Suggested minors in math

The minor in mathematics requires completion of MATH 1131 Calculus with Analytic Geometry 1, MATH 1132 Calculus with Analytic Geometry 2, and at least 9 semester hours at the 3000 level or higher. If a calculus course is applied in Area A or Area D of the core, it may not be counted toward the minor (and a substitute course must be approved).

Except for courses specifically prohibited, any mathematics courses may be applied toward the 9 upper level hours required. However, the table below suggests some course combinations that might be particularly desirable. You are welcome to consult with the Mathematics Department Chair for further guidance.

Program Area Suggested for majors in ... Suggested Upper Level Courses
Financial Mathematics accounting, finance
  • MATH 3106 Mathematical Theory of Interest
  • MATH 3108 Introduction to Actuarial Science
  • MATH 3175 Intro to Probability
Discrete and Continuous Mathematics biology, chemistry, computer science
  • MATH 3105 Vector Analysis
  • MATH 3107 Differential Equations
  • MATH 3125 Discrete Math
Probability & Statistics biology, chemistry
  • MATH 3175 Intro to Probability
  • MATH 5119 Applied Categorical Data Analysis
  • MATH 5175 Mathematical Statistics
Abstract Mathematics art, music, education, English
  • MATH 3155 Foundations for Advanced Mathematics
  • MATH 5111 Abstract Algebra
  • MATH 5135 College Geometry